Cloudflare is an application software company. Among Cloudflare’s offerings are solutions for cybersecurity, analysis, domain registration, load balancing, and video streaming.

Zscaler provides security software and related services. The company offers a cloud-based web and mobile security platform that also addresses threat protection, cloud application visibility, and networking challenges.

Crowdstrike Holdings is a holding company whose subsidiaries offer a cybersecurity platform that provides a range of products including antivirus, endpoint detection and response, device control, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and more.

Palantir Technologies Inc. is a software company that builds enterprise data platforms for use by organizations with complex and sensitive data environments. The company that builds the world’s leading platforms for data-driven operations and decision-making, Gotham and Foundry.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is an American multinational cybersecurity company with headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Its core products are a platform that includes advanced firewalls and cloud-based offerings that extend those firewalls to cover other aspects of security.

Fortinet is an american multinational corporation that develops and sells cybersecurity solutions, including but not limited to physical products such as firewalls, plus software and services such as anti-virus protection, intrusion prevention systems and security components

Telos is an information technology company focused on designing and providing customers with secure solutions that leverage mobile communication, cloud technology, and collaboration.

TenableĀ®, Inc. is the Cyber Exposure company used by over 30.000 organizations around the globe rely on Tenable to understand and reduce cyber risk. As the creator of NessusĀ®, Tenable extended its expertise in vulnerabilities to deliver the world’s first platform to see and secure any digital asset on any computing platform.

Tufin products help security teams to implement and maintain their security policy on all of their firewalls, routers and network switches. They accelerate service delivery through network change automation and expedite the process of compliance audits for security standards such as PCI DSS, NERC and Sarbanes Oxley.