Portfolio Advisory


The fundamental key to our approach is our pledge to advise on investments that offer transparency, liquidity and minimised reconcilable risk within each investment class.

Risk Management

We focus on true risk allocation and risk management, providing a packaged solution to deal with various economic climate conditions.


After weighing up our advice and recommendations the final decision is in your hands.

Our Philosophy


We are built for adaptability first, and scalability second. Our approach to implementation is rigorous and disciplined thanks to a  transversal platform across strategies. 


Gathering data points is key in cybersecurity and investment analysis. While big data is important, we focus on intelligent data interpretation and lateral thinking. 

Focused Fundamental Research

Our fundamental research is highly-focused and benefits from sharing of best-practices and ideas. Experts doubled by state-of-the-art analysis technologies enable the maximum efficiency in our field.


Our disciplined approach facilitates strict risk management by ensuring  transparency and accountability at every step of the proces, while the conviction in Sustainability is being integrated into our processes, driving everything we do.

A well diversified portfolio across three key categories

Established Cyber Company

Established data protection companies that stand out from their peers. These display mid-teens growth, stable performers, market cap USD 20 billion+.

Enabling Technology

Companies that help the cybersecurity experts to develop and implement technology. These companies have steady earnings growth, high quality and can be both large as well mid size companies.

Upcoming Cyber Companies

Younger, less-established companies that have potential to become tomorrow’s establishment. Typically show high growth with market cap typically USD <10 billion.